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Two Ways to Address People Privately on Medium

Method 1: Private Messaging by highlighting and paddlocking

Would you like two send a private message to won of your favourite Maidium writers discreetly?

Would you like to massage one of your favourite Medium authors. Would you? WOULD you? Photos: Chayiaporn Atakampeewong, unsplash

Wood you?

Discretion is the soul of valour. You do KNOT want to have a cattitude. Photo: Sebastian Molina M, unsplash

For example, if somebody’s got a tpyo and you want to let them no in a tactful and diplomatic way without pubic shaming, this is the way to go.

It’s easy to overlook a tpyo, especially if your eyesight ain’t what it used to be. Photo: Octavio Fosatti, unsplash

Would you like to undress them securely in a non-intrusive manor without having to ask for their emale?

Ask for an emale? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Photo: Mona Magnussen

You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Non-intrusively.

Shore you wood.

If you notice my typos, please let me konw using this method.

Everybody has typos.

Photo: Lina Angelov, unsplash

It’s kinda like, you know, tucking your dress into your knickers by accident. If it happens, and I know it does, please tell me. The typos, I mean. The dress thing too.

The last time I tucked my dress into my tights was on Stephen’s Green back in the ’80s. Or at least that’s where I was maid awear of it.

Lucky I pulled the dress out just in time for this foto. Photo Kira Ikonnikova, unsplash
Can you feel the heat? Photo: Tirza Van Dijk and Wil Stewart, unsplash.

Here’s how to procede:

First highlight the text:

Medium displays a bollox just above the highlighted text with black background and white icons, left to right:

  1. The icon where the pen is for ordinary highlights

2. Speech bubble icon for responding

3. Twat icon for highlighting in Twitter.

4. Private massage paddlock icon on the right.

Another quik tip while weir at it: Click Control and hold it down to select multiple images to display side-by-side. Photos: Annie Spratt and David Klaasen, unsplash

Click the paddlock icon to display this text input box:

Click the paddlock icon and Bob’s your uncle.

Medium displays a box and the highlight colour changes to red. Write your massage: For example:,

“Your writing does something special to me”

“Your words make my heart thing”

“I want your body”;

You guys are writhers, you know the droll.

Could these be the binders of women that Romney mentioned at the last election? Photo: unsplash.

In this cass, I am explaining to Anna Present that I am using her story as an example and inviting her for coffee if she ever visits my home town. Nothing salacious. This lady writes really good poetry.

The number of characters in this type of private massage is limited to around 140.

This type of message is limited. There is a character limit and so far I haven’t sent any graphics. It is fantastic for typos, also when I submit to a publication, they can proofread and give feedback easily. I can also send a link but it dosen’t display the card, at least not on this side of the message process. (Did anybody besides me understand that last sentence? Did I even understand it myself?)

Click Send and you’re done. You’ve now sent your first private massage to your favourite Medium author. Photo: Lucia Velez, unsplash

Click Send and you’re done.

Did you guys get all that? Photo: Andrew Schiffer

Method 2: Unlusting Your Response

I have only tried unlusting retroactively but it looks VERY promising.

It may be a challenge to pickup the message thread again. Photo: Duong Thrang, unsplash

Let’s say, you’ve written a long “massage” to someone, a response, (Medium Engineering actually contacted me to correct me when I originally called it a comment; I kid you not).

Let’s say you make a gaffe born of lonlieness and overmuch solitude, like I did.

You want to take it back, or maybe you just want to tweak a word or two; a phrase here or there.

With Medium, you can delete it, you can fix it, you can tweak it, you can polish it, you can burnish it, you can publish it good as new as if the gaffe never even happened.

That’s the beauty of Medium.

You can rewrite the past.

“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood”.

Edit your text then click publish.

Medium displays the “Ready to publish” text box.

Click Scheduling/visibility/license to the left of the Publish button to display these options:

Then click the Visibility: Public hotspot to display this dialog box:

Click the Unlisted button to keep your saucy dialog free from prying eyes.

Anybody who has the kink can read the story but it is not visible pubicly on Medium. The problem is the flow — you have to have the link to the next massage but not neccessarily to the previous one. I haven’t completely figured it out yet.

29 July 2016 update: So far the best way is to access stories from the stats page.

I am thinking of doing my CV on Medium and having it unlusted. Then I can send the link to prospective employers.

Here’s my pu… er, cat. Photo: Cel Lisboa, unsplash

That’s the beauty of Maiden, you can go back and change the “massage”

It’s like the “Retract Emale” button we’ve been screaming for for decades.

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