So, I read an article that said Trump has a God complex...

I stumbled across an old Salon article that said Trump has a God complex.

Several years ago, a friend spent the weekend in a psychiatric ward. Her doctor thought she had an eating disorder. Turns out she just had a bad marriage, which ended shortly after. Anyway… One of the guys in the ward thought he was Jesus. Really truly thought he was Jesus. That, apparently, is NOT a God complex.

Wikipedia tells me a God complex is when a person is arrogant, paired with consistently inflated feelings of personal ability, privilege, or infallibility.

Often, “God-complex” is joined at the hip with Narcissism.

We see some narcissistic arrogant jerk that thinks he’s infallible and our knee jerk reaction is to say “wow, he thinks he’s God?” What the…?

Is that what people think of God? And if it’s not what they think of God, why would they call that crappy entitled behavior a God complex?

I don’t know which is weirder, humans or the English language.

I’m not even sure I believe in God the same way most people seem to.

I like to think there’s something bigger than us — because holy hell, if humans are as good as it gets, man, I don’t even know. We’re freaking doomed!

But narcissistic? Arrogant? Entitled? 
Why would we call that a God complex?

A Hitler complex, sure… Stalin, Hussein… makes sense. Choose your villain. But a GOD complex?

I like to think any God-like being would be kind. Benevolent.

And really, would it hurt any of us to be a little more like that? 
A little kinder? A little more benevolent?

Who knows, maybe God will make America great again. 

* * *

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