New Moon, Who Dis?

Legacies are made in the 4th quarter. Michael Jordan is known as the most clutch player ever in big part to his 25 game winning shots. Retail goes from the red to black (hence Black Friday) in the last term. How many movies get ruined with a botched ending? A great relationship gets negated by a bad breakup. How you finish > how you start.

Last night the universe gave us a “new black moon” on the first day of the 4th quarter. Even better on a Saturday! Take that Mercury Retrograde! Use this time to map out year end goals: Weekly, monthly and quarterly. Don’t wait for the new year new me bullshit. Go straight Marie Kondo: addition by subtraction

  • Clothes you don’t wear
  • People who drain your energy
  • Auto payments for bills that don’t matter
  • Fire your wack boss and start your dream

I’m taking the opportunity to revamp my blog, work on my artist draft board, setting up my Russell Westbrook year (more on that next week) and see film festival movies before Oscar season. Make your last move your chess move.


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