Let me tell you how to fall in love

She had forgotten what it felt like to be touched by love’s heat

to be wrapped in comforting arms when at the point of her need

so using the last ounce of her strength

she walked to the edge…

just breathe, just breathe, just breathe

She jumped in, heart first

and burst

into a deep pool of love

But as the fluid engulfed her, her mind was gripped by fear.

Once again this enemy threatened to rob her of everything she held so dear

Then just before the fear encrusted her mind in rust

she recalled a lesson she’d once learned

something about trust…

When she had been entombed
within the matrix of her mother’s womb
She’d learned how to breathe these waters
You see, at that time of gestational development, the waters of love had fed her.

So our girl, now sinking deeper into this pool of love

Looked fear right in the eye…

Let go of me!

And from that moment she was able to breathe.

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