If October 31st Only Comes Once A Year, What’s With The Masks That People Wear Every Day?

Halloween should be the only time of year where people can proudly pretend to be someone they’re not.

Unfortunately, this is far from the case.

Every single day, I hear about or witness people pretending to be something they’re totally not. I often see people selling themselves short and putting on a facade to make up for what they think they might be lacking.

If I had to do my best psychologist and data analyst impression, I would guestimate that upwards of 85% of the population perform actions or speak words that are contrary to their true nature.

I don’t have any solid proof to back my claims up but these are just numbers I’m throwing out there based on my observations. I like to believe that my internal BS detector works wonders and I can sense when it’s present better than most.

With that being said, my BS detector has been going off nonstop lately. Maybe my it’s broken? Maybe it’s not and I’m simply being subject to more BS? I really don’t know.

All I know is that you can’t solve a problem until you’ve acknowledged that one exists. By bringing this to the forefront and helping people recognize that they’re indeed putting on masks and BSing others for essentially no good reason is the first step to solving the identity crisis that we’re faced with.

Be true and authentic to yourself. For whatever reason, quit putting on these masks. Don’t be a poser.

Being Real Earns You The Most Respect

I know this is going to be hard to believe, but being yourself, not conforming with others just for the sake of conforming, and not being afraid to fight for what you believe in will earn you the most respect.

Your beliefs, ideas, and philosophies may not be popular amongst your peers. They might even be hated. But honestly, who gives a shit what people think. All that matter is that you believe in what you believe in. Forget everybody else.

We’re no longer children. We don’t need to be cool. We don’t need to fit in.

We need to be true to our ourselves.

For those who think otherwise, this article is directly meant for you.

Do yourself a favor, minimize your ego’s presence. I assure you that your ego is playing too big of a role in your decision making process. Instead of letting it determine your future and fate, take control back and let your conscience and heart guide you.

Your ego is the one that craves attention and validation. Once you’ve trained yourself to quieten its desire, you’ll truly start to control your own destiny.

Once again, it’s perfectly fine if people disagree with or even dislike you altogether. At the end of the day, you can’t have everyone loving and agreeing with you. And if you’ve been able to silence your ego, great news, none of what anybody says or does matters!

The only thing that does matter is what you think of yourself. And just because people may not agree or like you doesn’t mean that you haven’t earned their highest seal of approval; their respect.

I Don’t Expect You To Listen To Me

I’ve grown accustomed to the fact that not many people will listen to me. I can understand why. I don’t expect to have a loyal tribe after 6.5 months of writing and sharing my opinions and views with the world.

But I’m telling you, I have your best interests at heart. I wanna make you a better person while making myself a better person while making the world we live in a better place while also earning a healthy wage.

I’m basically doing my best to be a humanitarian/philanthropist/pioneer/fucking game changer.

While I’m building my “empire,” I’m going to redefine what full disclosure and complete transparency means. I’ll dictate every step I take along this journey. I’m even willing to answer any questions you may have about me, my journey, or anything for that matter.

If I feel as though the question is too invasive or personal, I’ll simple tell you. I won’t beat around the bush or give you bullshit or some put on some kinda mask.

Because my personal mantra is

I am the change I wish to see in the world.

Why would I behave in manner which I cannot tolerate? Why would I tell you how much value I can offer you if I honestly didn’t think I could offer any?

Listen, I know a thing or two about a thing or two (sorry about being cliché but isn’t that an awesome saying?) I know I don’t have much credibility at this point. I know that I’m fighting an uphill battle.

But it’s a battle I’m confident I’m gonna win. Either that, or I’m gonna die trying.

I’m Gonna Enjoy Rubbing It In

I can’t wait until the day I’ll be able to say

I told you so!

I apologize for not being humble and modest and stuff like that but if/when that day comes, I’m gonna be the most arrogant and audacious dude ever!

This entire article is about not putting on masks. So I’m not putting on a mask now nor will I when I accomplish my mission. I’m gonna be the real deal until I die!

Because that’s all I know how to be. And I truly think that it is my gift to the world.

But also let me apologize for all the self-promotion and pumping of my tires I do in my articles. I don’t know what else to write about to fill my daily quota of 1000 words (which will continue for another 3 weeks, for anyone that’s paying attention.)

I’m really trying to hammer home my worth and my personality to you guys, my loving audience. Maybe as I further develop into a better writer/communicator/influencer/person I won’t self-promote as much.

And does rubbing it in have anything to do with ego?

Well now that I think about it, it has everything to do with ego. I guess I’m contradicting myself in that aspect.

But you know what?

Fuck it, I give myself permission to be imperfect. At least I can quickly recognize and admit my faults.

Fuck masks. Just be yourself and own it!

ps. It’s in my nature to apologize a lot because I’m Canadian…eh?

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