Hard Truths in the Exit Polls

Oops, you needed more than 1%

Who really tipped the scales for Trump?

Trigger warning: fact-based arguments

WHITE PEOPLE. Such an easy scapegoat, such an easy shortcut to virtue signal. Since everyone who voted for Trump was a, what is the list, “racist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc…” it must have been the fault of all white people. Time for the shame lady from Game of Thrones!

Instead of jumping to conclusions and lashing myself for the new original sin of being born white (which I normally schedule for Friday nights), I thought I’d try to understand what happened. I checked out data from exit polls from the New York Times and found some interesting differences in how demographics voted in this election compared to Romney in 2012.

· African Americans: 7% more voted for Trump than Romney (8% overall)

· Latinos: 8% more voted for Trump than Romney (29% overall)

· Asians: 11% more voted for Trump than Romney (29% overall)

· Caucasians: 1% more voted for Trump than Romney (58% overall)

· Millennials: 5% more voted for Trump than Romney (37% overall)

· Females: Clinton gained 1% more female voters than Obama (54% overall)

If you think about the narrow victories by Trump in key states like Florida, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, a 1% gain in white voters wasn’t the deciding factor. These small gains in African Americans, Latinos and Asians, while they appear small, likely tipped the scales in battleground states.

29% was enough to help Trump win

The exit polls are very damning of Clinton and the mainstream media’s delusional narrative that Clinton was going to have significant gains in female and millennial voters; she only gained one percent of female voters over Obama in 2012 and lost five percent of young voters.

In summary, the Clinton team were basically smelling their own farts and loving it. They assumed they’d get the same numbers Obama got but lost significant amounts of Latinos, ignoring the fact that many legal Latino immigrants don’t really like illegal immigrants either. They assumed that women would vote for their gender (ignoring the fact that liberal women wouldn’t show up for Carly Fiorina just because she’s a woman) but only gained one percent of the female vote.

If you want to blame whites, that’s okay. Us thinking people need to know how many stupid people are out there so we can put them at the kids table of political discussion. Unfortunately, these are the people that spell doom for any hope to defeat Trump in 2020.

If you’d like to be an adult, come join us folks who place blame exactly where it belongs; the Democratic National Committee. They undermined democracy to get Clinton in as the nominee, ignoring the tremendous success of Bernie Sanders in battleground states that Clinton lost to Trump. If Bernie had lost the primaries without the DNC cheating for Clinton, more of his supporters would have turned out for Clinton.

There’s also plenty of blame to place on corporate media. They created a narrative that Hillary had the election in the bag. Many Sanders supporters had the attitude of “I’m not voting for Trump, but if Hillary has it in the bag, I’m not going to vote for her either.” Everybody believed their bullshit, epitomized by Saturday Night Live’s weekly cold open, showing Kate McKinnon’s Clinton un-ironically celebrating victory every week. I actually flipped to Fox News to see how they were reporting the election, and the pundits and all of their guests (including Carl Rove) were shocked (but very gleeful) because even they bought into the narrative.

Corporate media also chose to place too much significance on pathetic and powerless hate groups pledging their support of Trump, resulting in closeted racists thinking that it’s safe to come out. Sure, Trump pandered to the “they took our jobs” types (he also had a 16% gain in voters who made $30k or less) and took a hard stance on Muslim refugees, but the media portrayed him as the candidate for racists and the racists feel like they won. Not only are racist incidents occurring daily, but Trump supporters are being attacked as well because the media equates all Trump voters to KKK members, including the 30% of Asian and Latino voters who didn’t buy into their narrative.

If you want to get Trump out of the White House, which should be easy, the DNC needs new leadership. However, for some reason (foreign financiers, campuses becoming daycares for adult toddlers), the left has been completely fractured into smaller groups as regressive political correctness authoritarians have spilled out of college campuses into the mainstream pushing segregation in the form of “safe spaces” for each subgroup. Remember when two overemotional college students interrupted a Bernie Sanders speech and called his entire crowd racists? DNC reformation has to leave the “regressive left” and identity politics back in adult daycare centers and adopt a pro-science platform that battles social issues with logic, not pandering to Neo-Marxists with low cognitive abilities.


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