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An Open Invitation to Everyone Who Wants to Live in a Better World

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Greetings fellow Earth Travelers,

Perhaps you have noticed the majority of the resources of the beautiful planet we’ve been given to share has been commandeered by a few individuals who have also taken the authority to speak for humanity as a whole even if it is not the will of the people they claim to represent. It is unlikely that you will meet in person the perpetrators of this evil so spewing your venom on the rest of the 90% of humanity will not solve the problem. No excuses from anyone. Although it is offensive and it is understandable that one would be angry about being denied the right to live a peaceful, happy life without the fear of harassment… It is obviously not the reality on this planet at this time, but taking your anger out on the people in your own community who are also afraid and suffering will not fix it.

Maybe you’ve noticed many of the things you were taught in school about the planet, your body, history, government, and the necessity of a college education to have a meaningful life were absolute crap leaving you in the impossible position of struggling to create a sustainable life while suffering cognitive dissonance from the madness of the unreality they fed you. In essence, you were forced fed information that filled your mind with subjects of questionable importance while stripping you of your will and ability to think freely. As well as convinced you to fill your body with toxic chemicals intended to wreck your mind and shorten your life.

Disseminating the Darkness

Although it appears that we live in a world where truth is subjective, based on whims of those who creatively use darkness to veil the truth of whom and what humans are as well as their potential to overcome the troubles on this planet. The truth of the magnificence of each individual born on earth is written indelibly within. It is the responsibility of every human to take the time to look inside themselves and define who they are and understand you co- create the life you agree to live, because you are truly the only one who decides what you are made of with the choices you make each day. Otherwise, you agree to accept the definition given to you by the powers that be and therefore the consequences of failing to use your will to create the life you want to live and a world you want to live in. Humans do not deserve to be hunted down and thrown in cages, there is enough room on this planet for everyone, the elite just don’t want to share it with the rest of us so they teach us to hate. You want to live in a better world? Make the world better. You can start with your own head and heart and fix it with the meditative application of logic and truth and compassion instead of wallowing in fear, hatred, selfishness, jealousy, and all that other cess-pool emotional bullshit people feel inclined to slosh about and throw at each other lately.

To all of you who went to church to find God and instead found religion, indoctrination, fear enslavement, and mind control and even more so to those who were dragged there by family members with questionable intentions… I am sorry. All religions are different interpretations of fan clubs for the Most High God, they all claim to be the official one because it is a lucrative and powerful business to enslave the minds and hearts of mankind. The leaders don’t want you to know that you all have equal access to to source. You don’t need a middle man.

A weekend browsing historical documentaries on Netflix, or for those of you who enjoy the racy version, you can indulge in the drama-filled varieties with posh settings, sumptuous costuming, and more than a little artistic flourish but still, true enough to actually history that anyone who wants to understand the story of mankind can deduce that the powers that formed and control this world with war and fear have sought to control or destroy the holy people placed on earth to heal and give hope to humanity and replaced them with a priesthood that preaches fear, hate, and greed keeping humanity trapped in ignorance even while claiming to provide illumination.

You don’t have to believe a truth for it to be true. If you reject it and fail to correct where you were mistaken, it is you who remains in the dark, your intelligence fails to grow, you are sewing the seeds of dementia in your mind. You, your children, and those around you will suffer for it. I understand that growing is hard. Children enmeshed in their ego, (and an uncanny number of adults of all ages) will struggle and fight to put off taking the responsibility of facing the truth and grow the integrity to take conscious control of their actions. You and your little choices each day are what make the difference in the end score.

Science has proven that time is not a fixed course. The mere observance of a phenomenon, changes the outcome. We are constantly manipulating the world around us and the lives of others with our thoughts, words and actions. Every time we make a choice to take a moment to take a breath before firing off a rude reply we change ourselves and our environment for the better. Every person changes the world, when you gossip about a stranger, when you waste time on a video game instead of making a healthy dinner for your kids, when you allow yourself to fail because you won’t even try, when you discourage others who are trying. By turning your back on family and friends who need help and sitting on your ass in fear while humanity suffers waiting for the Lord to come and save you because you think you are too righteous to suffer; you are changing the world in a really sad and wicked way. I doubt the Savior you claim to follow will be pleased with your understanding of his teachings. You may be able to temporarily numb your conscience with pharmaceuticals, but you will eventually be accountable for the time and resources you have wasted and the additional suffering you have created for others because you did not step up when it was time for you to act. Karma will come for you.

It is Never Too Late to do the Right Thing

Take a hard look at the celebrities the media parades to your families and the messages and values they are feeding your children. Find some better role models. Be the better role model. Stop feeding the beast that is feeding your fear. Stand in the knowledge that you were created to Love and allow that love to banish fear and oppression that exist only because of a lack of accepting that you have to be the love you want to see in the world. By giving love, you awaken love in the hearts of those around you, Love is the key to shake down the walls of the prison of fear that denies us the freedom to live a peaceful life.

You all have to realize that all the big government shenanigans on the big stage that make you feel so hopeless for the future of our country is there to keep you distracted from creating the sort of world humans deserve to live in right in your own town. If you want to save the America we were raised to believe in the old regime supporting rape culture must fall, they are making terrible choices for our citizens. The most qualified presidential candidates are suppressed on the internet and ignored by the media sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies that have enslaved you and made you think you were crazy because you feel hopeless and afraid as you watch the children of the world being tortured and killed. If everyone turned their full attention to fixing their families and community, change could roll across this nation and set us all free.

Together We Can Save This Ship

There are local elections coming up. What is making your community weak? What can you do to make it strong? Are local officials and courts following the will of the people of your state? Fill up your court rooms and let the powers that rule you know you are watching them and everything they do. Demand local legalization of marijuana and end the opiate crisis. Are they treating the citizens with compassion and respect? Even the ones who are ill and don’t have the money to defend themselves? Get the answers you need about every candidate before you vote. Call them, see if they will meet you and your friends to discuss your concerns over coffee. Seriously, most rural communities are small enough, that shouldn’t be too much to ask.

The next step is to find the need in your community that you feel strongly about and volunteer your time to make things better. Schools. Homeless Shelters. Soup Kitchens. Women’s Shelters. Recycling Centers. Mentor a child. Can’t find a charity you resonate with? Create one. Seriously, there is no end to the places you can help. Step away from the electronics two nights a week and dedicate that time to making life better for your local community, take your kids with you. Show them how humans work together to make life better for everyone, people they don’t even know. Everyone is so focused on the darkness, on the division, on the difference, on the hate. Everyone is afraid, but throwing tantrums, making more hate, chaos and destruction is not going to fix it. Only love and understanding can heal this divide. Stop expecting the federal government to fix what is wrong in your heart, homes, and neighborhoods; they have enough debt and international problems to contend with. If you want a better future for your children, you have to create it yourselves in your community with a liberal application of Love, understanding, cooperation, creative problem solving, and hard work. The same ideals that forged civilized communities are what it will take to save our country.

Create a Revolution of Love

There is a world full of children, hoping and waiting for someone to be the hero and save our future, they deserve so much better than what we have been given, every moment we can change it. Once you become aware, it is your responsibility to act, or you will suffer guilt and remorse, sure you can numb it later with some poison to lull you back to sleep… But isn’t that how we got into this mess in the first place? Why not try something radically different? Listen to the person next to you with empathy instead of judgement, the way that you hope to be listened to. Every moment you have to take a breath on this earth, you have the opportunity to clear your mind of negativity and leave space for understanding, miracles, and love.

Please take a moment each day to be grateful to have the opportunity to feast your eyes on this beautiful, amazing planet, and know you are created bathed in an infinite supply of love, it is what you are in all the places between the matter. Love is a verb, it expands the moment you make a choice to breathe and be kind and the beauty that flows from that decision is a healing, miraculous power that can change the world. Let that love flow out and imagine it surrounding the earth in a big warm iridescent bubble. Let it fill you up and share it with the person next to you and goodness is multiplied. Breathe It. Feel It. Live It. Know It. Be It. Give It.

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