Debate Season Tweets I Never Want To Forget

Pairs well with the House Of Cards theme song.

Photo via LA Times

In a weird way, I have to like this election. We are involved, nay consumed this time. Do I wish we were motivated by something other than fear and hatred? Yep. Is that an excuse to ignore it and let these flaming poker chips fall where they may? Hell no. I don’t want to forget the things we’ve heard and said over the last few months, and so I’ll collect my favorite Twitter-borne interactions here, because that’s where I feel most connected to other Americans watching and reacting to the same thing. Thanks, technology.

Debate 1:

Whoever runs social media for HoC is an absolute deity.

The weather. He got dragged by the weather.


That’s great question Chelsea, I’m so glad you asked it. I just can’t stand men who don’t smile enough.

This absolute queen.

The dictionary. He got dragged by the dictionary.

Scream 2 I mean Debate 2:

Donald, you’ve had enough.

Weather report.

Molly fucking Ringwald you guys.

Yes it’s one of mine but RedEye Chicago retweeted it so deal.

I wonder if he said that when Trump threatened to jail our former Secretary of State or when he said a dead soldier would still be alive if he’d been president at the time about a week after he told a room full of veterans that those who return from war with PTSD aren’t strong and can’t handle it?

What I wouldn’t pay for a front row seat in her living room…

He looks like his face muscles took the night off.

I mean, there it is.

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