Image from A Man Called Ove (2016) film by Hannes Holm based on bestselling book by Fredrik Bachman

Clinton Foundation: We Need to be More Like the Man Called Ove

It feels as if in the literal world of the Clintons, there is room for neither art nor film nor literature.

I’m sure this isn’t true; yet in their stead, presented to our public eyes as what we should emulate, the Clintons provide star-studded galas. These events take place in resort locations or world capitals and advertise the Clinton Global Initiative. For young people, huge annual events at large universities are conducted by CGI University. One former moderator described CGI events as “creepy, disgusting and gross.” A reader private-messaged me to say they had tried to attend a publically-advertised CGI meeting in Florida, and was told upon arrival that it would cost $20,000 to get in.

We have now seen three downloads of emails provided to Wikileaks from Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s computer. At the total of more than 5,000 (as of 11 October 2016), even the first group confirms that everything I analyzed about the Clinton Foundation and its various initiatives is true. And then some.

Based on the Clinton Foundation’s public information, I questioned the charitable nature of the Clinton Global Initiative itself. Via Wikileaks, we can now see that how much companies or organizations paid to participate (over $1 million, in some cases), and also what they said they got out of it.

There are emails in the Wikileaks archive that refer to the intent for the CGI to “sunset” after 10 years.

With ever increasing revenue and TV coverage, why would it?

I believe a case could be made to have the Clinton Global Initiative become a tax-exempt (not charitable) organization such as a business league, chamber of commerce or trade organization. This means that CGI would not have to pay Federal income tax. It also would mean that the companies or individuals paying to attend these gala meetings would not be able to deduct the fees or sponsorships as “charitable donations” — which is like whoop-de-doo. They would write it off anyway as promotional or advertising expenses — exactly what they are.

It’s the sad slap in the face to actual charitable organizations that the CGI represents, plus the sickening, soul-killing clampdown of “We only invite the best companies that can afford it; plus the most click-baity of TV personalities to moderate how we tell others we will improve the world …”

They think they are better than the rest of us. They think that these very expensive time-wasting three day events make any material difference to anything.

CGI and the Clintons could not exist were it not for the companies that pay the sponsorships.
And those companies could not exist were it not for the rest of us.

Bono is a Charity Whore

The Clinton Global Initiative exists, in large part, because it provides a type of access to the participating sponsors (mostly global, multinational corporations, but also government entities and ‘financiers’ and the like) to other money-brokers — and also gives them the chance to rub elbows with celebrities or other well-known sexy people. People like Bono and Jessica Alba.

Bono’s charitable activities, over his life, have probably done a lot more financial good for Bono than they have for anybody else, despite his good intentions [I seriously Googled “Bono is a charity whore” off the top of my head and got that link — there’s also an entire book devoted to how his charitable activities have personally enriched him — better than Jagger, Townsend, Cobain, and certainly Deadguy Hendrix, right bro?]. As to Jessica Alba— she is a beautiful, gracious and gifted actress. This is a place for her to show up. I would not expect Jessica Alba to go over every financial statement or ask the question, “Is this celebrity appearance helping anybody?” These performers are used by CGI just as the rest of us cattle are used as financial feed animals for global banks.

Factuality, Money, PR Vs. Life

So here it is. One of my longtime legitimate writer friends said, “You’re a writer Amy.”

Well shit. I could never write romance, not even a little. Who the fuck wants to read sci fi written by some dumb blonde from Southern California?

Here’s the facts. People are sick of online advertising and click bait. You can look at the godawful Hollywood product that comes out as to how the film industry is doing. People who make money from such promotion know it.

Kantar TNS 2016

As Ove put it in the incredible 2015 Swedish film A Man Called Ove, “The whiteshirts are coming.” And Ove and his neighbors and the actual local journalist put paid to the ‘whiteshirts’ — government-sponsored ripoff artists who were making $millions by taking elderly, disabled people to a “home” and pocketing the money given them by the government and banking it in an offshore banking account.

In this just — fucking — awesome — movie, Ove is an angry old man who, at first, is disliked, and later beloved by his neighbors. Ove has had a life about half as dramatic as mine, which is to say, plenty dramatic enough.

But, he is a builder, not a destroyer. His wonderful wife Sonja, who was put into a wheelchair by a vacation accident in Spain while they were a young couple (they lost their baby in the accident) was a qualified teacher, yet the local school wouldn’t accept her due to her inability to get into the school building. After petitioning the government over and over, in the middle of the night, Ove built a wheelchair ramp, allowing Sonja to be a teacher to numerous young “special needs” students.

Read this story and go see the movie and you will see what I mean.

So I saw this movie and I understood.

We, the 99%, are Ove.

The Clintons and these media people and some, not all, of the “corporate” people, are what Ove called the “white shirts.”

What we need are more of the real journalists, as portrayed by the local Swedish newspaper writer whom Ove first disdains, then welcomes as someone able to help his “frenemy” Rune — because the “whiteshirts” want to come and remove Rune, a stroke sufferer, from his home, in order to get government money and profit from his —

as we used to say

“Therapeutic incarceration.”

Don’t be a ‘whiteshirt.’

Be a human being.

Amy Sterling Casil is the author of 30 nonfiction books, 3 novels, 3 short fiction & poetry collections, hundreds of articles, and also is a former high-level nonprofit fundraiser and executive, and a business planner and developer, primarily for women and non-traditional owners. You can buy her most recent book (sci fi short stories all about women) via Amazon or the largest, oldest author publishing cooperative, of which she is a co-founder.

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