True story.

Barney Stinson Was The Most Underrated Character in How I Met Your Mother

Believe it or not, ignoring his number one rules was the stupidest move since Ted dated Stella…

Barney Stinson was and still is one of the greatest characters that Tony Award winning actor Neil Patrick Harris has ever portrayed. As straight as can be, Barney was the utter counterpart to Ted Mosby, the show’s protagonist. He was sleazy, and hilarious and wore suits every day drinking at the same bar every day. Stinson was his name and sleeping around was definitely his game. And every few episodes he would have some new advice for Ted on how to stay single and stay awesome.

A gif of Barney drawing the “Hot/Crazy Scale” from the episode How I Met Everyone Else, the fifth episode in the show’s third season.
  1. Marriage

The show is full of flashbacks, and in one we see how Barney and Ted originally met. In a urinal. At the main setting of the show, the bar Maclarens. Barney tested out a lie he was about to use on a girl on Ted, and when he believed it Barney laughed at him “I like you Ted.” he smiled, and left the bathroom. A few minutes later, Barney sat down at the booth where Ted was and told him…

And Barney stood by that last lesson for the entire show. In fact, the whole show he was dead set on never getting married, ready to stay awesome and single until he died.

Barney hitting on a girl dressed as an old man.

Of course, his strict “No marriage” rule wasn’t for the whole show…

2. The Platinum Rule

The Platinum Rule is possibly one of the greatest pieces of advice that Barney has ever given. Its obvious, but somehow no one ever realizes how important it is until the situation happens.

The rule is you should never date someone that you see on a regular basis, cause if you break up, you see them on a regular basis. It’s a pretty good rule, and everyone in the gang has had experience.

Pretty much the gist of The Platinum Rule

3. New Is Always Better

One of my favorite’s, one of Barney’s number one rules was “New Is Always Better.” And it’s a great rule, and never fails to work.

3 is a good number to stop at, but Barney’s rules are seemingly endless. And needless to say, How I Met Your Mother is honestly one of the greatest shows that have ever been on television. The full series is currently on Netflix, and reruns play regularly on multiple channels so go on! After all, the show is

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